Summer came and went

Well, for those of you who come across this page once in a while, you may have stopped because it's been so long since I've posted. This Summer has been filled with all sorts of exciting new work that I hope to share later this year. I've spent many hours having fun with the team at LPK this Summer along with a handful of freelance projects and artful pursuits. A few months ago, I had a fairly gruesome accident while re-purposing some antique furniture. I love(d) to woodwork and sometimes disassemble old tables to build things like bookshelves and desks that feature unique patterns where hardware and fittings were once attached with inconsistent finishes and such. I lost part of a finger while causing some other damage to my paws and it stunted my plans to spend my spare time backpacking all Summer. But it didn't stop me from designing! I've put in a great effort these last few months on some really awesome projects with the team at LPK. I was recently awarded in the Above the Fold Student Web Design Competition and did a little collab with the folks at LEAPframe as they continue to promote the fantastic things ArtWorks is doing for Cincinnati. My senior year has just begun, leaving me short on spare time as we head into Autumn, but I plan to chip away at collecting new projects to share. I've also been re-kindling my love and involvement in printmaking. Have a look at this screen-print I made last week to be on display during Final Friday this month at Rock Paper Scissors. Until then, happy trails!