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I'm Patrick – a passionate creative who loves to be outdoors, all things musical, unique and meaningful.

After graduating from the design program at Sinclair College in Dayton, Ohio where I discovered a love for creative process, I decided to plant my roots further South. I graduated with my BFA from Northern Kentucky University while continuing to pursue a passion for design and engage with others who share it. I've worked with a variety of agencies and creative teams over the years, several printing companies and many freelance clients.

I love to use my hands. I've made my own guitar, furniture, quilts, bags and plenty of other odds and ends. My good friend Tony and I built a letterpress a few years back and a large gas powered brewing apparatus so we could manufacture loads of life's sweet nectar! I also have a total obsession with type, print and all things vintage.

If you'd like to say Hi, drop a line!